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I am a Producing Sales Manager at Academy Mortgage. Over the last 16 years of being in the mortgage industry I have taken great joy in helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership.

I am driven to understand the unique needs of each customer and exceed their expectations in providing loan products and solutions. Each day I strive to create authentic connections with my team, my customers, my tribe and my community.

Most likely to be seen at the corner coffee shop, or engaged in community events, I am pleased to introduce myself as your local lender.

Hi I'm Chad!


Our Purpose is to build, nature, protect, preserve, and promote a culture that Inspires Hope, Delivers Dreams and Builds Prosperity in the lives of our employees, partners, homeowners and communities.


Our People are the most valuable currency we hold. We are invested in and committed to attracting, retaining, and bonding with like-minded individuals (People who share our Passion for Purpose).


We are Passionate about creating FANS. We do this through the delivery of FANomenal experiences to homeowners, partners and employees, which separates and differentiates us from our competition in ways that will drive market shares. 


We commit to continuous improvement, measurement, and accountability, with a hyper-focus on key practices and behaviors that increase personal, team and organizational Productivity. 


Performance in about winning, which at Academy is about our ability to sustainably drive profit, to Build Prosperity for our People, and achieve our Purpose. 

Why Choose Chad Krober with Academy Mortgage? 






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