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When the market is this competitive, it is vital to have your pre-approval letter ready so you can make an offer on your real estate purchase. In this post I lay out the formula for pre-approval submission success!

Follow along with these frequently asked questions and action steps to get your pre-approval letter started.

Can I start looking at homes in person before I receive a pre-approval letter? 

Most realtors will not show you homes without a pre-approval letter. It is best to connect with a mortgage lender to get a pre-approval letter first and understand the maximum home purchase price you could be approved for, and then look at homes within that price range.  It sets you and your realtor up for success and helps you focus in on price to find your home much quicker

What do I need to do to receive my pre-approval letter? 

Next steps would be to simply fill out an online application at, click the Ready To Apply button, and then Buy a Home and it will walk you through the process.  Just fill it out the best you can, as it does not have to be perfect, and then we’ll update and correct it as your financial documentation is gathered.     

You will then want to start gathering the following documentation to complete your pre-approval letter:

Standard Items Needed:

  • Most recent 30 day worth of paystubs

  • Any/all  2018, & 2019 -  W2s, 1099’s, 1098’s, and or any K-1 statements.

  • Full Federal Personal 2018 & 2019 Tax returns with all schedules

  • Most recent 2 months of bank statements for any checking, savings, and money market accounts

  • Most recent investment / 401k statements for 2 months or quarterly if applicable 

  • A front and back copy of your driver’s license

  • Address, and direct phone number and email to a boss/supervisor/manager so we can easily secure a Verification of Employment

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