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According to Christian Kaylor with the State of Oregon Economic Office, about half of all job growth in Oregon in 2021 occurred in the Portland region. Yamhill County itself stands out with an impressive 10.9% job growth in 2021!

Portland’s job recovery generally underperformed the U.S. in 2020, but in 2021, Portland has grown faster than the U.S with 6.9% job growth. For comparison, the U.S. grew by 4.5%. If that growth trend holds, Portland will return to pre-COVID employment levels in the middle of 2022. The Portland unemployment rate peaked at 13.1% in April of 2020. That same month, the U.S. rate peaked at 14.8%. The unemployment rate in Portland has closely tracked the U.S. rate throughout the pandemic.

Portland’s unemployment rate of 3.9% for December is identical to the U.S. rate.

Check out the report below to learn more!

Multnomah Economic Indicators Jan 2022
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